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Market Development to Diversify Shellfish Aquaculture Products in Massachusetts

Principal Investigators

Abigail Archer, Woods Hole Sea Grant/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

Diane Murphy, Woods Hole Sea Grant/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

Co-Principal Investigators

Melissa Sanderson, Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance

Michele Insley, Wellfleet SPAT (Shellfish Promotion and Tasting )


The project explores the potential to broaden the shellfish aquaculture market in Massachusetts to include two other native clam species – surf clams (Spisula solidissima) and blood arks (Anadara ovalis) as well as shucked oysters (Crassostrea virginica), for those who prefer not to eat raw oysters. The team will conduct a market analysis of the potential consumer demand for and economic value of culturing alternative species, as well as for shucked oysters. It builds on past research by Woods Hole Sea Grant and the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension to culture surf clams and blood arks and social science research into consumer appetite for new shellfish products.



Project Information

Started: October 2017
Funded under: NOAA Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative

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