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Teacher Workshop: October, 29 2019-Coastal Wetlands

Carbon Cycling in Coastal Wetlands   Presenters: Dr. Anne Giblin, Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Senior Scientist – Rising Seas and the Fate of Coastal Salt Marshes   Dr. Meagan Eagle Gonneea, U.S. Geological Survey Research Scientist – Blue Carbon in Our Backyard: Coastal Wetlands, Climate, Management, and Markets   Date: October 2019   Lesson Plans…

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Suggested Educational Resources For Use During School Closures

Educational resources used during school closures Woods Hole Sea Grant is pleased to be able to provide this list of educational resources to assist families and teachers with ideas and on-line programming for use during the unique school situations in response to COVID-19. IMPORTANT: Please check with state and/or local officials for the latest information…

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Study Provides Measurement of Nitrogen Removal by Local Shellfish

Towns along Cape Cod and the Islands are looking to shellfish not only as tasty culinary treats, but also for help cleaning up waters degraded by excess nitrogen in the region. While nitrogen is essential for all plants and animals, too much nitrogen in ponds and waterways—often caused by fertilizer runoff and septic tanks—can fuel…

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