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A Sea Change: Oceanographers Learn From Psychologists About Systemic Racism in America

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Event Details

Description: Experts conducting research about systemic racism in America and how to combat it share their insights with the marine science community. Four short talks are followed by a 30 minute panel discussion. 
Held: Nov. 20, 2020
Curated by: Drs. Collin Ward and Steven Roberts
Speakers and Panelists:
Dr. Steven Roberts: Systemic Racism In Our Science
Dr. Amber Williams: Teaching Toward A More Just Society: Fostering Inclusive Spaces For Underrepresented Minority Students
Dr. Mike Rizzo: Racial Biases Emerge In Early Childhood: What White Parents Should Do To Preempt Them
Dr. Babe Kawaii-Bogue: Combating Anti-Blackness And White Supremacy In Institutions - Recommendations For Anti-Racist Actions