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K-12 Education

The goal of the Woods Hole Sea Grant Education Program is to increase ocean literacy – “an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you-and your influence on the ocean” so that all citizens young and old can make informed and sustainable decisions involving our coastal resources, communities, and economies.


Grace Simpkins
Woods Hole Sea Grant Educator

Additional Resources

Tops Tricks and Tips for a Successful Classroom Visit

WHOI K-12 Page
Learn about what WHOI has to offer teachers and students. This site has information about classroom activities, online expeditions, citizen science, visiting WHOI, and more!

Marine Science Careers
The site offers profiles of people working in the marine sciences, and includes overviews of the fields of marine biology, oceanography, ocean engineering, a look at what the future is likely to hold for careers in these fields, links to a wide range of additional resources, information on salaries, frequently asked questions, and more.

Beachcomber's Companion
Discover adventure at the beach! The Beachcomber's Companion is an easy-to-use guide to common Atlantic coast marine invertebrates. Each set includes 50 colorful marine invertebrate identification cards, a mesh collecting bag, a species checklist with erasable marking pencil, and a handy clip for your beach bag. Click here to order a set! And be sure to visit our companion website!

SEMCO (Southeastern Massachusetts Coastal Outreach) Listserve
This listserve was created to help enhance the communication of coastal outreach organizations in southeastern Massachusetts and provides an easy way of communicating your announcements, needs, and resources in one easy step.