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News Releases

Announcing Cape Cod Coastal Resilience Week

May 6, 2024

Cape Cod Coastal Resilience Week Raises Awareness of Coastal Vulnerabilities and Promotes Solutions – while having a bit of fun at the same time Eight days of events across Cape…

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News Release: WHOI Sea Grant commits $1.7 million to advancing research in coastal and marine science

February 14, 2024

(Woods Hole, MA, February, 14, 2024) – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Sea Grant announces funding for five new research projects that address pressing coastal issues in and around Massachusetts, including…

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WHOI Sea Grant to Map Potential Path of Proposed Wastewater Release from Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

May 17, 2023

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Sea Grant has been recommended for rapid response funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Sea Grant Program to study the pathways of…

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CARE for the Cape & Islands and WHOI Sea Grant Funded to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

May 13, 2023

Cape Cod Coalition to Aid Tourism Business Shift to Sustainable Serviceware  CARE for the Cape & Islands and WHOI Sea Grant have been awarded a $299,999 grant to address the…

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Mashpee Residents Reap the Benefits of Stronger Coastal Resilience with Reduced Flood Insurance Costs

March 9, 2023

Through joint efforts of the Town of Mashpee, WHOI and Barnstable County, local residents and business owners can expect savings totaling $70,000 in insurance annually.   Mashpee, MA – Mashpee…

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Graduate Research Fellows Focus on Microplastics and Seabirds

August 8, 2022

Woods Hole  and MIT Sea Grant Programs Announce Two New Massachusetts Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellows   August 8, 2022 – Last August, the Woods Hole and MIT Sea Grant…

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News Release: Woods Hole Sea Grant Launches $1.5 Million in Coastal Research Projects for 2022-2023

March 8, 2022

(Woods Hole, MA) – The Woods Hole Sea Grant program has awarded researchers from Massachusetts funds to support five new projects addressing an array of pressing coastal issues. The funded…

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Woods Hole Sea Grant Supports Seven Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Projects

October 21, 2020

Woods Hole Sea Grant is committed to building inclusive marine science programs that serve people with unique backgrounds, circumstances, needs, perspectives, and ways of thinking. To help further this mission,…

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Sharks, Seals, Microplastics among the New Research Topics Funded by Woods Hole Sea Grant

December 18, 2019

Seven new research projects sponsored by Woods Hole Sea Grant will focus on priority issues in the Massachusetts coastal environment, including shark-seal-human interactions, microplastics sources and fate in marine ecosystems,…

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How Do Sharks Respond to Internal Waves in the Ocean?

September 26, 2019

A new study provides insight into the behavior of small sharks when encountering a common ocean phenomenon known as internal waves. These waves play powerful and still unknown roles in the exchange of heat, energy, water properties and nutrients throughout the ocean, and can change the vertical distribution …

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