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Funded Projects  2010 - Present


Jill Carr of the University of Massachusetts Boston, Forest Schenck of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, and Alison Frye of Salem Sound Coastwatch
Restoring Eelgrass: Identifying best practices for a seed-based approach


Ken Foreman and Ketil Koop-Jackobson of Marine Biological Laboratory, and Matt Long of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Reduce, Restore, Recover: Little Pond ecosystem’s response to sewering


Jared Goldstone of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Helen Poynton of University of Massachusetts Boston
Waste to Watershed: How contaminants of emerging concern impact mussels


Caroline Ummenhofer, Svenja Ryan, and Glen Gawarkiewicz of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Changing Currents: Collecting data with fishermen to build more sustainable fisheries


Di Jin and Michael Weir of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
To Insure or Not to Insure: How homeowners perceive flood risk