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UPDATE - 2020 Shrink Wrap Recycling Program Cancelled

June 1, 2020

Woods Hole Sea Grant and its partners at Cape Cod Cooperative Extension have reluctantly made the decision to cancel this year's boat shrink wrap recycling collection. The decision to cancel is due to the uncertainties around the COVID virus and an abundance of caution for the public and our volunteers at the recycling collection points.

Woods Hole Sea Grant plans to offer the program in 2021 and will announce details in the late winter/early spring. In the meantime, we hope boat owners will look for ways to reuse their shrink wrap. If removed properly, boat shrink wrap can be reused for three or more years. It can also be used in gardens, to cover wood piles, and to protect outdoor furniture. Alternatively, for those who have the space, consider storing your shrink wrap this year for recycling in 2021.

If you have questions about the shrink wrap program, please contact

Shrink wrap: Recycle it or consider alternatives!

Boat Shrink Wrap Program

Marine shrink wrap is the plastic used by boat owners to protect their vessels over the winter.  Most boats use between 15 and 25 pounds of shrink wrap. This plastic is high quality and 100 percent recyclable, however, the majority of it ends up in the waste stream. As it become more difficult to locate recyclers willing to accept shrink wrap, reducing the use of shrink wrap in favor of canvas covers or reusing shrink wrap from year to year can help keep this plastic from the waste stream.

Woods Hole Sea Grant is the only organization in this region to conduct a free shrink wrap recycling program. Our program is held in the spring time. To be alerted to the opportunity to recycle your boat's shrink wrap, please contact us at

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Stephanie Murphy
Woods Hole Sea Grant