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Carbon’s Journey and Our Warming Planet

Frank Niepold and Tom Di Liberto, NOAA's Climate Program Office in Silver Spring, MD

The carbon cycle is a process where carbon dioxide travels from the atmosphere into living organisms and the Earth, then back into the atmosphere. Learn how changes in carbon dioxide levels, such as burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, etc.), affect the atmosphere and the ocean. We will flood a "bathroom" and see why it's a good thing to shut off the water and or make the Earth's atmosphere "drain" bigger so we don't mess up our home.  This webinar will be recorded and posted here (with English captions and Spanish subtitles) after going live.  (Grades 2-6 but all ages will enjoy)  »  View recorded webinar (subtitles available in English and Spanish)

Resources to access at home:

»  Why is Carbon Important: This NASA site is aimed at kids and does a nice job of explaining what carbon is as well as its importance.
»  The Incredible Carbon Journey:  Play the Carbon Journey Game with your class or a group at home (Use the blue "Jump to this Activity" button on the website linked to here).
»  MIT's Greenhouse Gas Simulator:  This simple animated simulation of the global carbon system is great for helping kids explore the relationship between carbon emissions and atmospheric carbon dioxide. (Teacher link)
»  NASA Climate Kids Offset Game: As you play this online game you earn money so you can buy "upgrades" to your carbon sources and sinks.  Meanwhile, carbon dioxide molecules are escaping into the atmosphere.
»  Background articles from for parents or teachers:

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