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Setting Up a CoastSnap Station


Setting up a CoastSnap station

Determining height, pitch and yaw

If you are fabricating your CoastSnap cradle, you have the opportunity to build it with a pre-set "pitch" and "yaw." This means your metal cradle will already be set at your desired angles -- both the vertical tilt (the pitch) and the horizontal rotation (the yaw). When your pitch and yaw is set in the cradle, you can simply install the cradle on your pre-determined wooden 4x6 post.

» Video instructions on measuring your CoastSnap cradle's pitch and yaw


Zero-Zero Installations

If you don't have a pre-existing wooden 4x6 post to install your cradle to and plan to install your own, you can have your metal cradle fabricated with zero pitch and zero yaw. This means that as you install your wooden post, you angle the post to the correct vertical and horizontal tilt before the cement sets. When you attach your zero-zero cradle, the post will be positioned so the cradle is lined up to capture the shot you want cameras to capture.

» Video instructions on installing a zero-zero cradle, post and CoastSnap sign.


Image management

As of 2024, CoastSnap imagery in Massachusetts is managed using the MyCoast app. Users upload images to MyCoast (no registration is required) and all images are freely available for download.

WHOI Sea Grant administers the review and approval of images.