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2014 – 2016 Projects

Examining significant changes to the nitrogen cycle in Waquoit Bay
Robinson W. Fulweiler, Boston University

The impacts of increased nitrogen loadings on decomposition in salt marshes: Does eutrophication enhance marsh accretion or erosion?
Anne Giblin, Joe Vallino, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Gary Banta, University of Roskilde

Nitrogen pollution and recovery from nitrogen pollution in a seagrass-dominated estuary: A whole ecosystem experiment
Robert Howarth and Roxanne Marino, Cornell University

Development of an automatic mass stranding alert system
Laela Sayigh, Mark Baumgartner, James Partan, and Michael Moore, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Reconciling distributional patterns with foraging processes in an ecological hotspot: Aggregation of humpback whales, prey abundance and distribution, and the shoaling of non-linear internal waves
Jesús Pineda, Karl Helfrich, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Jose da Silva, University of Porto

“Rust Tides” of the toxic dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Buzzards Bay
Jefferson Turner and Brian Howes, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Molecular risk assessment in wildlife using a non-destructive assay
Sibel Karchner and M. Hahn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A history of mercury impacts to Waquoit Bay clams
Carl Lamborg, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, J. Logan, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, & R. Carmichael, Dauphin Island Sea Lab