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Increasing Northeast U.S. Aquaculture Production by Pre-Permitting Federal Ocean Space

Principal Investigator

Hauke Kite-Powell, Marine Policy Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Co-Principal Investigators

Porter Hoagland, Marine Policy Center at WHOI

Di Jin, Marine Policy Center at WHOI

Brooke Hodge, New England Aquarium

Matthew Thompson, New England Aquarium

Scott Kraus, New England Aquarium

Michael Tlusty, UMass Boston



The project aims to simplify the process and reduce the cost of obtaining permits to farm marine species in U.S. waters. The investigators will conduct fisheries, protected species, shipping industry, and other reviews on selected offshore areas in advance, to reduce the regulatory burden for aquaculture growers. The ultimate goal is to determine if this simplified permitting mechanism for aquaculture ventures enhances U.S. aquaculture production.



Project Information

Started: October 2017
Funded under: NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Strategic Initiative

Relevant Links

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