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NOAA Live! Lesson Units (Teacher-in-Residence Program)

This program is a collaboration between the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network (CCRSN) and Woods Hole Sea Grant (WHSG).   The lessons utilize NOAA Live! Webinars which is a collaboration between  the NOAA Regional Collaboration Network and Woods Hole Sea Grant.

North Falmouth Elementary School teacher Michael Irving is pictured in his classroom using materials and skills developed in conjunction with Woods Hole Sea Grant.

Third grade North Falmouth Elementary School teacher, Michael Irving, WHSG, and CCRSN developed these week-long units to engage students in STEM in the real world.   They are designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards, MA STE Standards, and Ocean Literacy Principles.  Each unit uses examples from the marine world and incorporates content from the NOAA Live! Webinar Series.  The units are designed to be delivered over 4-5 classroom sessions either in person or virtually. In addition to their direct value as classroom lessons, our hope is that these units demonstrate how you can integrate other NOAA Live! Webinars in your lesson plans and how you can use marine themes to meet your curriculum needs.

Lesson Units