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Impacts of Human-derived Pollutants on the Coastal Environment



Dr. Chris Reddy, WHOI Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department - Using Discarded Shotgun Shells to Study the Fate of Plastics in the Environment


Dr. John Stegeman, WHOI Biology Department  - How Animals Deal with the Sea of Chemicals


Date: May 2019


Lesson Plans and Background


WHOI Resources


Deeper Exploration:  Chris Reddy and John Stegeman/ Papers in Scientific Journals

  • Moret-Feruson, S., Law, K.L., Proskurowski, G., Murphy, E.K., Peacock, E.E., Reddy, C. M.  2010. The size, mass, and composition of plastic debris in the western North Atlantic Ocean.  Marine Pollution Bulletin. 60:1873-1878.
  • Fritsch, E., Stegeman, J.J., Golstone, J.V., Nacci, D.E., Champlin, D., Jayaraman, S., Conno, R.E., Pessah, I.N.  2015. Expression and function of ryanodine receptor related pathways in PCB tolerant Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) from New Bedford Harbor, MA, USA. Aquatic Toxicology. 159:156-166.


NOAA Marine Debris -




Workshop Agenda

8:45 --Meet on Quissett Campus in the Clark Lobby for the shuttle to the WHOI Ocean Science Discovery Center

9-9:15 --Arrive at WHOI Redfield Hall

Breakfast: pastries, coffee, tea, juice, water

9:15-9:30 --Introduction to WHOI, Woods Hole Sea Grant, and Discovery Center

9:30-10:30 --"Using Discarded Shotgun Shells to Study the Fate of Plastics in the Environment" by Dr. Chris Reddy, Senior Scientist, WHOI Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department

10:30-10:45 --Break

10:45-11:45 --“How Animals Deal with the Sea of Chemicals” by Dr. John Stegeman, Senior Scientist,  WHOI Biology Department

11:45-1 --Lunch in Redfield Auditorium.  Lesson plans, standards, and classroom integration discussion

1-1:15 --Split into 2 groups and proceed to afternoon sessions

1:15-2 --Afternoon session I. Discovery Center with Dr. Reddy - Experiment with identifying plastics by their density.  OR  Redfield 204 with Dr. Goldstone - Investigate zebrafish development and response to chemical exposure.

2-2:15 --Groups will swap locations

2:15-3-- Afternoon session II.  Discovery Center with Dr. Reddy or Redfield 204 with Dr. Goldstone.

3 --Get your PD certificate and take the shuttle bus back to Quissett Campus