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Teacher Workshop May 20, 2016

Plastic and Microplastic in the Ocean: What is it, and what happens to it

Dr. Tracy John Mincer, WHOI Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department;
Mr. Jeffrey Brodeur, Communications and Outreach Specialist, Woods Hole Sea Grant

Human-generated plastic debris in the ocean is a growing problem. Learn about plastic that ends up in the sea, from large visible items down to micro-sized particles. Find out what happens to plastics on a beach or in the open sea. Hear what directions research is taking and go to a local beach to see how ‘citizen science’ is helping track the problem.  K-12 resources included.

When: Friday May 20, 2016,  9:30 – 2:30, at the WHOI Ocean Science Exhibit Center

General level, middle school and high school educators.
Registration $30, breakfast, lunch, and parking passes provided, professional development certificates available.

To Register, contact:
Kate Madin, Woods Hole Sea Grant,
Send checks (payable to WHOI) to:
Kate Madin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MS #2
Woods Hole, MA 02543-105