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Teacher Workshop May 2003

"Visualizing Flow and Drag on Fish and Squid"

Mr. Erik Anderson, WHOI, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department

A WHOI/MIT Joint Program student, Mr. Anderson talked about ways to introduce the study of fluids and fluid dynamics to middle- and high-school students. He wrote a classroom activity on visualizing boundary layers in a fluid, and demonstrated it to the teachers at the end of his presentation.

"The Lives of Jellies: Aliens of Inner Space"

Dr. Larry Madin, WHOI, Biology Department and Ocean Life Institute

A senior scientist in the Biology Department and the Director of the WHOI Ocean Life Institute, Dr. Madin described the life histories and adaptations of jellyfish and other large gelatinous marine animals, and their role in transporting material from the surface to the depths of the sea. The group visited Dr. Madin's lab, observed feeding in a colonial hydroid (one phase of a jellyfish life cycle), and learned about predation by hydroids on larval cod on Georges Bank.