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Teacher Workshop May 2013


FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013,  10:00 - 2:30

In the morning, Dr. Steven Jayne, on ocean currents, and how and why we study them - WHOI Exhibit Center, Woods Hole

In the afternoon, a unique opportunity to see and do experiments in an oceanography laboratory:  Dr. Claudia Cenedese is having a laboratory open house in her lab at the WHOI Coastal Research Lab, Woods Hole:

"How fast does an avalanche move? How does a bath tub vortex form? What happens to waves when they break? The newly renovated Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory will host 10 hands-on demonstrations, videos and poster displays, with something for all ages, to share the excitement of fluid mechanics and oceanography. The experiments will be ‘simple’ yet exciting for a six-year-old child, a high school student, a graduate student, and the general public."

Registration $30,  breakfast and lunch provided.
Parking pass for WHOI lot provided on the day.
To Register, Contact Kathy Patterson,, 508-289-2700 or Kate Madin, 508-289-3639
Sorry no Purchase Orders. Mail checks (payable to WHOI) to:
Kathy Patterson,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MS # 36
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050