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Teacher Workshop June 2004

Teacher Workshop June 2004 “Monitoring Beach and Dune Dynamics” James F. O’Connell, Coastal Processes Specialist for the Woods Hole Sea Grant Program and the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, was the workshop presenter. He spoke in the morning about the conditions and processes shaping Cape Cod coastal landforms both historically and currently through ongoing climate, weather,…

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2000-2002 Projects

Controls on Nitrogen Fluxes from Estuarine Sediments: The Importance of Salinity Anne E. Giblin and Charles S. Hopkinson, Jr., The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory Nitrogen is the key element limiting primary production in estuaries. While a great deal of research has been done to examine the relationship between nitrogen loading from a watershed and…

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Index of Workshops for Educators

Index of Workshops for Educators December 2021 Marine Invaders: Green crabs and other local invasive species October 2019 Carbon Cycling in Coastal Wetlands May 2019 Impacts of Human-derived Pollutants on the Coastal Environment May 2018 Coral Reefs, Symbionts, and Climate Change May 2016 Plastic and Microplastic in the Ocean: What is it, and what happens…

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