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The American Lobster Initiative

The Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Sea Grant College Program, is addressing critical knowledge gaps about American lobster and its iconic fishery in a dynamic and changing environment. The initiative, which began in 2019, supports both scientific research and a regional Sea Grant extension program in the Northeast U.S.

The seven Northeast Sea Grant Programs have developed a collaborative approach to supporting a regionally coordinated American lobster extension initiative, which will complement and enhance the American Lobster Research Program. More information is available at

Research into American Lobster Reproduction

April 23, 2023
Professor Jeff Shields measures the underbelly of a pregnant female lobster at the Seawater Research Lab at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Part of a National Sea Grant College Program study led by Emily B. Rivest and Jeff Shields at Virginia Institute of Marine Science to see how lobster eggs and larvae respond to ocean acidification and warmer waters. Although the lobsters being studied are from Maine and Massachusetts, some lobsters can be found in Virginia waters. March 11, 2021

A New Interactive StoryMap Highlights Projects from the Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative A new web-based StoryMap highlights research being conducted by scientists into the reproduction of the American lobster. The scientific studies and the work to communicate about them are part of the American Lobster Initiative of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National…

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StoryMap: A Fishery in a Sea of Change

Explore the StoryMap below to learn more about "A Fishery in a Sea of Change."