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New Handbook Helps Homeowner’s Prepare for Natural Hazards


July 16, 2020

New Handbook Helps Homeowner’s Prepare for Natural Hazards

Natural hazards are part of life near the coast. To help homeowners protect their family and their property from these hazards, Woods Hole Sea Grant and the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension have produced the newly updated Massachusetts Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Coastal Hazards.

“Rising sea levels and more intense storms have made us more vulnerable to storm damage,” says Woods Hole Sea Grant Director Matt Charette. “Preparation is now more crucial than ever.”

The handbook provides Massachusetts residents with vital information on how to prepare themselves and their families for hurricanes, nor’easters, and floods, and the measures that can be taken to protect their homes in advance of a storm.

"We're pleased that Barnstable County and WHSG are able to invest time and resources to support our residents' emerging needs in protecting their homes from coastal storms,” says Michael Maguire, Executive Director, Barnstable County Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. “This is a valuable resource to all homeowners on Cape Cod and in Massachusetts."

Now in its third edition, the handbook has been redesigned and updated with the most current information, links, graphics, and references to recent storms. It also provides more information on climate change and resiliency to help citizens plan, prepare and mitigate the impacts of more extreme storms.

More than 15,000 copies of past editions have been distributed. The current edition is available now as a free PDF download. Print copies will be available later this year. To receive a print copy, please email


Media Contact:
Jeffrey Brodeur, Woods Hole Sea Grant