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Alaska Week: Uncovering the Seafloor – Charting Alaska’s Waters

April 17, 2020

Lieutenant (junior grade) Michelle Levano and Pete Holmberg, both from NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey in Seattle, WA

How do we collect information on ocean depths, and how does that information get on paper? It’s important for us to measure water depths and features to keep ships safe and help them navigate and sometimes we even find shipwrecks! Together we will walk through how we measure and map the seafloor. (Grade 2-6 but all ages will enjoy)

Resources to access at home:

» NOAA Office of Coast Survey educational activities. Explore the depths of the ocean with animations, interactive games, activities, coloring pages, and more. This includes “seafloor mapping” and “ocean in a bottle” activities.
» How to make a sounding box activity.
» Finding nautical charts.
» Search for a shipwreck game.
» StoryMap on charting in Alaska