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From Eyes in the Sky to Action on the Ground

March 10, 2021

at NOAA’s Satellite Operations Facility in Suitland, MD

Get a rare chance to come inside “mission control” at NOAA’s state-of-the-art Satellite Operations Facility in Suitland, Maryland, where we command NOAA’s satellites and collect the bulk of the data from earth and space observations. Learn what it takes to receive massive amounts of information in this round-the-clock operation and how it helps save lives – from weather forecasting to search and rescue! This NOAA Live! Webinar is part of our NOAA Open House Series during which we will “travel” (virtually) across the country to showcase some of the amazing places our NOAA scientists, engineers, educators, technicians, and interns work.

Resources to access at home:

» 1 minute NOAA satellites video: This is a great video that explains the difference between polar orbiting satellites, geostationary satellites, and deep space satellite.
» Making a Weather Forecast with GOES-R: This animated, kids video is about 3 1/2 minutes long.
» GOES-R Gets Launched!: This animated, kids video is ~2 minutes long.
» Introduction to Copas-Sarsat: This 1-minute video is about a satellite-based search and rescue distress alert detection system.
» NASA Launches NOAA Weather Satellite to Improve Forecasts (JPSS-1 Launch) (Credit: NASA): 5-minute video of the launch
» NOAA Ocean Today: This 3-minute video is about NOAA’s environmental satellites that provide data from space.
» See actual live data from NOAA satellites:

March 2021 Open House Series