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From Training to Underwater Exploration: Take a Deep Dive the NOAA Diving Center

June 8, 2020

Jessica Keller and Zachary Hileman, both from the NOAA Diving Center in Seattle, WA and Stephanie Gandulla, NOAA’s Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena, MI

Follow the pathway to become a NOAA diver and beyond! Scientific diving is one of the main types of diving conducted throughout NOAA, and the NOAA Diving Center trains scientists in how to work safely underwater. Join us as we discuss how we conduct science in the underwater environment. After training, NOAA divers go into the field and collect data in cool locations like Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary! Thunder Bay will highlight the projects and science conducted by NOAA divers in the Great Lakes. (Grades 2-6 but all ages will enjoy)

Resources to access at home:

» Learn more about the NOAA Diving Program (NDP). View NOAA diving forms, regulations, training, and more. Click here.
» The NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations website. There is a lot of information as well as featured stories and videos.
» A map of the NOAA diving program units and sub-units (where are our trained divers).
» Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary education website. There are links to NOAA’s online games, an encyclopedia of the sanctuaries, and more.
» NOAA National Ocean Service “Dive in: underwater adventure” website. This shows you the diving opportunities in NOAA’s national marine sanctuaries and estuarine research reserves.
» Map of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
» Immerse yourself in the ocean and your national marine sanctuaries without getting wet! These virtual reality voyages use 360-degree images to highlight each national marine sanctuary.
» National Park Service Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer Program.