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It Takes a Village to Save the Hawaiian Monk Seal

January 20, 2021

Stacie Robinson, NOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center in Honolulu, HI and Wendy Marks, the Marine Mammal Center in Kona, HI

Did you know that Hawaiʻi is home to the world’s only tropical seal – the Hawaiian monk seal? You’ll learn about these highly endangered marine mammals, where they live, and the conservation efforts to protect them. We’ll follow monk seals on an underwater foraging adventure using cameras worn by the seals! You can see the methods the seals use to explore their environment and search for food. We will also highlight the partnership between NOAA and The Marine Mammal Centerʻs Ke Kai Ola Hospital. Located in Kona, on Hawaiʻiʻs Big Island, Ke Kai Ola is a place where sick and injured Hawaiian monk seals are brought for treatment and rehabilitation. We will be sharing some seal patient stories and how we help seals both in the hospital and out on the beaches.

Resources to access at home:

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