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North to the Future: Alaskan sharks in a changing ocean

May 25, 2021

Cindy Tribuzio, NOAA Fisheries Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Juneau, AK, and Sabrina Garcia, Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Anchorage, AK

Scientists at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center conduct research and assess the stocks of many species of sharks in Alaskan waters. Join us for a discussion of the different sharks found in Alaskan waters, some fantastic research partnerships and how we use research to conserve and manage the species into the future.

Resources to access at home:

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» Alaska Department of Fish and Game – The Undersea World of Salmon and Sharks (@ADFGUnderseaWorldOfSalmonAndSharks): Facebook page with exciting scientific research on Alaskan salmon, sharks, and their ecosystems and ecology!
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» Gills Club: STEM-based education initiative dedicated to connecting girls with female scientists around the world to inspire shark and ocean conservation