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Salmon in the Winter: Anadromous fish under ice

February 2, 2021

Coowe Walker and Jacob Argueta, NOAA’s Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Kachemak Bay, AK

What do you know about baby salmon? Join us to learn about where salmon spend their early life stages, and how they survive in watersheds blanketed with snow and ice. We will talk about the importance of groundwater on baby salmon survival, and how watersheds and estuaries are nurseries that prepare salmon to hit the high seas.

Resources to access at home:

» Anchor River on Ice Video
» Overwintering juvenile coho salmon study-Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund
Kachemak Bay NERR – NOAA Office of Coastal Management
» Kachemak Bay NERR – Education and Outreach
» Salmon: A Student Journal – activity book
» An Incredible Journey – curriculum about issues affecting salmon and how to become a salmon steward