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Science on the Half Shell: Behind the Scenes at the Milford Fisheries Laboratory

November 18, 2020

Mark Dixon and Gillian Phillips, NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Milford, CT

Have you ever wondered what kind of science is conducted at a fisheries laboratory? Meet NOAA scientists from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s Laboratory in Milford, CT, who study shellfish and investigate questions that help shellfish growers around the world. You will learn about what oysters eat, how they are helping make a cleaner Long Island Sound, and see, through real fish surveillance, how shellfish farms can become habitat for other species.

Resources to access at home:

» Current research at Milford
» Fish printing is usually a popular station: Read this article on the educational uses of gyotaku or fish printing. Try it at home after watching this video (for older kids) or this video (for younger kids). Remember – you can use a rubber fish and even print onto clothing.