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Super Storms From the Sun?! An intro to space weather

April 22, 2020

Shawn Dahl, NOAA’s National Weather Service at the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, CO

Did you know that giant storms from the Sun can reach all the way to Earth?! These solar storms may affect our way of life by possibly impacting technology and in extreme cases, even the health of astronauts or other high fliers. This is known as space weather and it is of growing interest and importance to the world. If you want to learn about the sun and solar storms, join this webinar to discover more about the science of space weather! (Grades 2-6 but all ages will enjoy)

Resources to access at home:

» Space Weather Prediction Center
» NASA’s space weather resource site.
» Space weather impacts page.
» NASA Science Space Place where kids can explore earth and space. There are activities and experiments.
» Fun Kids digital radio and online from the UK. This has some kid friendly information about space weather as well as a podcast to listen to.
» Shawn Dahl gives a brief overview of the Space Weather Prediction Center and its activities.