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When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors

April 1, 2020

Glenn Field, NOAA’s National Weather Service in Boston/Norton, MA

Glenn, a warning coordination meteorologist, will discuss and share examples of different weather phenomena, including tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms flash floods, and especially lightning. Lightning strikes the United States about 25 million times a year and is the #2 weather-related killer nationwide. Glenn will show you how important it is to listen for thunder — because when thunder roars, you should go indoors! (Grades 3-6 but Grades 7-8 will like the topic too)

Resources to access at home:

» Follow up questions can be directed to The lightning strike band concert video he showed can be viewed here.
» National Weather Service: Lightning safety tips and resources.
» National Lightning Safety Council: They promote lightning safety and awareness.
» NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory: Severe weather 101 including lightning types.