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Youth Programs on St. Paul Island, Alaska

December 15, 2020

Lauren Divine and Veronica Padula, Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Government on St. Paul Island, AK

In the middle of the Bering Sea, between Russia and North America, is the Alaskan island of St. Paul – an incredible place with an amazing community and some of the coolest wildlife in the world. There is so much to learn from and about this special place. Join us to learn how the Aleut Community of St. Paul Tribal Government involves youth on many local research programs on St. Paul Island, Alaska, including projects on northern fur seals, reindeer, seabirds, and marine debris! Kids are always excited to be involved in research and are some of the best scientists we have! NOAA partners with the St. Paul and St. George tribal governments on both research and education projects.