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Teacher Workshop November 2003

Teacher Workshop November 2003 “Right Whale Ecology at the Intersection of Science, Technology, and Conservation” Dr. Mark Baumgartner is an Assistant Scientist in the Biology department of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He studies the foraging behavior and ecology of whales, and the formation and location of the patches of plankton that whales feed on. In this…

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Teacher Workshop: April 17, 2015

Teacher Workshop: April 17, 2015   Seals on Cape Cod, Seals as Sentinels Presenters Dr. Rebecca Gast Dr. Andrea Bogomolni   Schedule: 8:45-9:15 Arrive, pick up parking passes, and park in School St. lot, walk to WHOI Exhibit Center Breakfast: pastries, coffee, juice 9:30 – Quick introduction to WHOI, Sea Grant, and Exhibit…

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Theme Booklet: Environmental Technologies

Theme Booklet: Environmental Technologies WHOI Sea Grant 4 pp., 2000 WHOI-G-00-006 Also available online: click here Learn more of WHOI Sea Grant’s investment in environmental technologies which has resulted in the development of new tools for analyzing and interpreting the effects of toxic chemicals on the reproduction, development, and disease defenses in marine animals and…

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