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Alaska Week: Talking Trash

April 15, 2020

Peter Murphy, NOAA’s Marine Debris Program Alaska Regional Coordinator in Seattle, WA

When you think of Alaska, you may think of bears, snow-capped peaks, and stunning glaciers (or just “home”). You can find all of that in Alaska, but also a whole lot of marine debris from all over the world. The same things that make Alaska amazing – remote locations, rugged shorelines, and sheer size – also makes debris work different and requires innovative and creative ideas. Come along as we talk about what people are doing to clean up and protect the Last Frontier. (Grade 2-6 but all ages will enjoy)

Resources to access at home:

» NOAA Marine Debris Program games and activities for kids of all ages + posters and fact sheets
» NOAA Trash Talk – short videos on marine debris and what you can do.
» Marine Debris in Alaska
» NOAA Marine Debris Program in Your Region – Find your regional coordinator as well as state or region-specific information on current marine debris projects and activities.
» NOAA Ocean Today Trash Talk Videos: There are 11 short videos- What is marine debris, where does marine debris come from, impacts of marine debris, and more.