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Keeping Rain from the Drain

October 19, 2021

Jessica T. R. Brown, NOAA’s Georgia Sea Grant in Brunswick, GA

Have you ever wondered where the rain goes once it hits the ground? Rainwater that falls on a surface that can’t absorb it is called stormwater. Scientists and engineers try to mimic nature to catch rainwater where it falls by using plants, soil, and surfaces that can absorb water. This is called green infrastructure. Join us to learn more about stormwater and the ways that communities and people, like you, can use green infrastructure to manage it.

Resources to access at home:

»  EPA article for kids on how to build a rain garden
»  EPA “How’s My Waterway” website: Find your local waters and explore the water quality
»  University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant’s Stormwater webpage:   You can find background material here
» NOAA Live! extra Q&A for this webinar

»  Videos

Introduction to Green Infrastructure
Maintenance of Stormwater Practices
Rain Gardens in Coastal Georgia

»  Stormwater Green Infrastructure Fact Sheets

Bioretention Fact Sheet
Bioswale Fact Sheet
Permeable Interlocking Pavers Fact Sheet
Permeable Pavement (Pervious Concrete and Porous Asphalt) Fact Sheet