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Swimming in Dirty Water – Pollution and Fish Health

July 8, 2020

Cathy Laetz, NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, WA

Every day humans produce tons of chemicals that can drain into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. In the Pacific Northwest, these waters are important habitat for fish like salmon. You wouldn’t like to swim at a polluted beach and our science tells us that the fish don’t like it either! Learn about how common pollutants like oil, copper, pesticides, and stormwater harm fish and what you can do to help clean our water. The webinar will last about 45-60 minutes with moderated questions and answers throughout. This webinar will be recorded and posted afterward. (Grades 6-8, but all ages will enjoy)

Resources to access at home:

» National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Health website. Explore this page to find games, activities, songs, coloring pages, and more!
» PBS Learning Media: Pollution and Wast – Find lots of interesting Public Television videos on scientific and environmental topics.
» TED-Ed – View short video lessons aimed at educators and students. Many are collaborations between educators and animators. There are a wide range of science topics.
» Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – educational resources for students, parents, and teachers