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Turning Up the Heat: Fish and sea turtles in a warming world

December 14, 2021

Vincent Saba, NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole, MA and NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ

From microscopic plants to large whales, climate change is affecting all ocean life. There are many ways in which climate change can affect ocean ecosystems but during this webinar, we will investigate the effects of warming temperatures on marine fish and sea turtles. Marine fish spend all of their life in the water but did you know that sea turtles must lay their eggs on beaches? We’ll explore how our warming planet affects fish and sea turtles in very different ways.

Resources to access at home:

»   NOAA Fisheries article:  Climate Change in the Northeast U.S. Shelf Ecosystem
»   Overview of how climate change affects sea turtles
»   Project marine species range shifts by selecting the species, time frame, and variable such as temperature, salinity, etc. (This is for more advanced students and adults)
»   NASA climate kids -the climate time machine:  See into the past and look ahead to the future of amounts of sea ice, the sea level, carbon dioxide, and global temperature
»    NASA climate kids – a kids guide to climate change including how the changing climate affects the ocean