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Girls In Science Program Is Underway!

Summer is in full swing and our Girls in Science program is underway!

Ten fellows arrived in Woods Hole on Sunday, Aug. 7, to begin the first week-long session. A second cohort of fellows arrive on Aug. 14. Woods Hole Sea Grant educator Grace Simpkins is leading the fellows with WHOI marine mammal biologist Laela Sayigh and in partnership with Earth Watch Institute. The fellows will build their own underwater microphones (hydrophones), learn oceanographic sampling techniques, receive training in analyzing dolphin sounds, and go out on a whale watch. At the end of the week, the fellows will test their hydrophones during a day-long kayak outing.

Throughout the week, the fellows meet women working in the sciences, who share their STEAM paths as the fellows explore and set out on their own journeys. The entire week is meant to empower them, show them how to find their voice, and enable them to communicate their journey in STEAM.  We can't wait for them to share their experiences in upcoming newsletters!

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